Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Staying in love. Sometimes, staying in love is one of the hardest things to do. Especially when you’ve been a couple for a really long time now. Sometimes, the “spark” doesn’t stay that long. It just goes away. What do we mean by “staying” in love? It’s when two people still love each other like it’s their first day as lovers. This is the secret of long-term couples. Those whom we can say that they’ll grow old together. These are the people who know when to swallow their pride for the one they love. Staying in love is one thing that you should protect, because once it starts to fade, it’s hard to bring the sparks back.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Sunday, 21 August 2011

I like you but

I wouldn't wanna say I didn't hurt myself. Cause I did. I did something eventhough I knew the consequences. I wouldn't wanna say what you did was wrong. Cause, I react the same if I were you. And maybe both of us were meant to like each other. But never together. I'm happy, If you're happy. Goodbye.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Russia. (:

This is what happens when you` re a china town near the Russian border

Probably one of the most stunning buildings. The Kremlin.

Spasskaya Clock Tower, Moscow

The Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood

State Historical Museum, Moscow

Square of Europe (Moscow, Russia)

St. Peterburg, Russia.




it makes me feel like they actually want to talk to me. instead of the blunt, one worded sentences. people with long replies are really fun to talk to. in my opinion.


Fuck it to the ones who left without a goodbye, fuck it to the love you thought you had, and fuck it to the ones who will regret losing you.

I hate having a crush on someone.

You think about them a lot. Melt at their appearance. Wishing they can be yours but you know that that’s out of the question because it seems like they’re completely out of your league. Feeling like a complete stalker because you’re not even sure that they know you exist. And being jealous at whoever they’re talking to, flirts with, or are interested in.

And you’re never going to talk to them.

I'm already yours.

No one else can be with me but you.

No matter how hard someone flirts with me, I’ll turn them down.
No matter how cute someone else may be, they won’t be with me.
No matter how much memories we may share, I only want you to be there.
No matter what they may say about you, I’ll just say forget you.
It’s you who I want.

S[he’s] Just Ano[the]r [One]

This picture says a lot.

what’s fucked up about this picture is the fact that guys will always and forever more get looked at like the bad guys when women are just as, if not more, fucked up then guys are..dope picture, fucked up one-sided message.

You never really move on.

They come into the back of your mind. That person will always be there. You can not simply forget about the feelings you had with that person. They might anger you, they might make you frustrated, they might make you sad. You might even end up hating them. But there’s a reason why you fell in love with them the first time. You never forget them. They might cross your mind from time to time.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

I decided to cut my hair

Now :

Before :

I wonder do anyone finds me attractive? LOL

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

When Drama strikes.

So, there's tiny problem between me and my pals. We don't talk to each other. And you feel awkward and weird hanging out in a group whenever their there. I wouldn't wanna say I don't care. I do. Maybe I like leaving it alone because maybe things would be better soon. But sometimes, apologizing doesn't mean your weak but its because you value the friendship more. I love you guys. You have been there for me. Thick and thin. I wouldn't wanna lose and friend over some stupid fight. So, let me be the one putting an end.

My parents say it's their house but when it's time to clean it magically becomes my house too.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Saturday, 16 July 2011

I want a guy bestfriend who I can have fun with. Someone I can turn too when I need help,a bestfriend who can acts like a big brother but knows not to be too overprotective. A bestfriend who I can go to when my girls bestfriend are being stupid and bitchy,someone who will take care of me or pick me up from a late night party. I want a guy bestfriend because they are probably more mature then some girlfriends.

A prom which is going to be a i-hope-it-would-be.

So, me and my friends plan to organize a prom. And some of think that it is impossible for us to do so. Deep down inside me of course were like 'iman, are you sure this is a good idea?'. Im just scare that it didnt turned out well. No good response and all. But thank god there's Danez Kumar to help me. He have been giving me good support. I just love seeing people giving effort to do this thing. to make it work. And Yuvin keep telling me he'll support me. AHAAH. I just love them so muchhh.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

I miss her and me.

Let Go

People who don’t call you, the t-shirt from the ex, the insecurities about the way you dance, or sing, the shoes you’ve had in your closet for 6 years and are so raggedy but they still fit, that nagging feeling you’ll die alone.

That one time somebody called you ugly, that one time you got dumped, that 10th time you got dumped, feeling bad in a bathing suit, the takeout still in your fridge.

Your fear of flying, your fear of never traveling, your fear of being the one who makes the first move, your fear of failure, your fear of monsters under the bed, having to wear makeup every time you leave the house, feeling bad about not shaving your legs even though it’s summer.

Being so negative, feeling like you shouldn’t feel optimistic about things, the odd way you think your thighs and nose look, and being worried about how your hair frames your face, 86% of your doubt.

The bad friend, having to go to the movies with somebody and not alone, staying home on a Friday, going out and feeling like you’d rather be home, feeling alone, pretending like you always WANT to be alone, getting caught in the rain without an umbrella, saying cheesy things about the rain.

Being worried you’re being too honest, being worried about being rejected, being worried about ordering dessert, being sad that your love life is kind of boring, constantly putting yourself down before somebody else does, being afraid of being disappointed, holding yourself back.

Feeling bad about being clumsy, feeling bad your nails are always chipped, bad habits you cling onto, feeling guilty about thinking too much about the past, getting nervous about how you can’t quite grow up just yet, most of your guilt, feeling terrible about the things you haven’t done yet, comparing yourself to people you aren’t, comparing others to the people they are not, that one or two or thirty people you know you should.


C’mon, do it.

Arguments and Fights.

It happens to all of us in a relationship at one point in time. But you must remember when you are in the argument why did you two even begin this rampage in the first place? Why must we fight once more? In healthy relationship there will be arguments and there will be times you just want to leave. But you have to remember what made you want to be with this person. Why risk your relationship over an argument? People tend to always say that we broke up because we started to fight and etc. Well you can’t always expect for things to be happy and perfect. Things happen to people, and things get to them and there emotions, so it’s best to not continue the argument because it just makes everything worse. You have to think what is the point of a argument or fight? The best thing to do when you’re in argument or fight is to just relax, don’t talk back and don’t try to be right. Even though he/she maybe wrong just go with it because in the end you’d regret trying to prove them wrong. It’s best to say sorry to whatever that had happen and try to talk it over. This is where you learn that even when you are both not perfect and you both get your days, but in the end that day you still love each other and you both still have smile on each others face. Arguments and Fights can be forgotten and forgiven but losing someone is something you regret. So Just stay calm, be happy that you have someone to be with. Don’t yell and scream instead ease your voice and get comfortable. Show them that you love them even though when you two go through downs but remember what comes down always comes up. Don’t risk your relationship.

We all crave somebody who will give us attention, affection, and admiration. In all honesty, no matter how many of us deny it and hide being the “I love being single” attitude, we just want someone to love and love us in return. You definitely won’t find that person on the first few tries. But everyone will find that person, sooner or later. Each ending leads to a new beginning. Every heartbreak will make you stronger and more aware of what you deserve. Sure, high school relationships rarely support the word “forever.” And nothing is guaranteed that the person you love won’t hurt you when it’s over, but if it’s truly love and they are the cause of your happiness, the pain in the end is all worthwhile. <3