Friday, 6 May 2011

College no fun after all. But hilarious .

Ganesa Gopalan, He's a good guy. But, at the same time - i have no comment. I'll leave this to the rest .

Danez Kumar, He forgot to print out his Physics Assignment. HAHAHAHAH. lol.Look at his face, macam kucing. Tapi ketakutan. He was so funny. Come to worse, he forgot to bring his pendrive. Thank god, Eric Shaun to the rescue. He always give me a ride back home. Really nice. (;

That's Benjamin Wong, my first impression. So lanci. I don't why. But he's actually nice, fun to hang out with. Went and watch Scream4 with him and a few friends. The guy besides him ? idk his name, but he's really quiet .

Okeyy, there's Robert Zai, Me , Kai Li,Kai Xin and Yi Ning aka Oxyning . They are super fun and super nice. Robert? One of the coolest guy friend in college . Kai Xing and Oxyning? My housemates in Brunsfield. Kai Li , the girl yang bawa jalan jauh. We went and celebrate Kai Li's birthday at GreenBox in S.Wang. I practically hogged the microphone. It's like "Iman Lim's concert" ahahhaha. I got scolded by my parents that day. They took my phone. And i got really scared, scared they read the messages.

I'm keeping this girl. She's the last person I want to introduce .Saw that wacky girl? Not me, the other girl? HAHAHA. She's crazy. I'm serious. Two words to describe this 'class monitor' - BEYOND AWESOME .

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