Friday, 6 May 2011

Kem Temasya Rimba Templer. Nak start mana? Rugi weh kalau takpergi PLKN. Seronok gila. Lagi seronok bagi yang hotshot kat situ la, the girls will dapat more attention from the guys, vice versa. Nanti ada la, surat cinta merata rata. Too bad I'm not really amused by these things. They called it "Couple Contract" . wtf. To me, it's really childish. It's like, ' kita couple okey, bila habis camp, automactically kita breakup' . LOL. This proably make me sound like . 'iman takde peminat la tu'. But come on , these type of relationship? You people deserve something better. Anyhow, there's alot of activites, such as . kawad kaki, kembara halangan, TTS, Pertolongan Kecemasan , most importantly WIRAJAYA. My penghulu is pretty hot. Lots of girls were aftering him. Believe me when I say alot. He's name is Roderick Ryn. Coolest penghulu ever. Oh oh, our penghuluwati, banyak peminat juga. Dia je yang taktahu. And she's really really smart. Its so obvious by the way she talk. You can really see confidence in her. Picture above - my good friends IN THE CAMP. AWESOME.

This picture is after PLKN. Gang up naik bus pergi Genting. Eventhough hujan agak lebat. BUT LET ME TELL YOU. IT WAS AWESOME. It was Diana Fidaiy with the long hair, Me with the short, Fadiah Burn with the gray. And Afiqah Rahim with the cute cute face. F*ucking adorable . Every single one of them. I trick 'em into The Flying Coaster. They were screaming " IMMMAAAAANNNN, IIMMMAAANNNN, IIMMAAANNN! " Till the end . I miss em pretty much.

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