Friday, 6 May 2011


This is RYN RODERICK A MANSON . My penghulu. Okeyyy, where to start ah. First impression? 'Why the heck banyak orang minat penghulu ni.' Kenapa kenapa kenapa? Tengok tengok, usha usha. Ohh, not bad. These people got taste. AHHAHA. He's goodlooking. Balik Tahun Baru Cina, tengok tengok. takde gigi depan. I couldn't laugh. Because takbaik takbaik. I did smile for a moment. As in macam gelak sikit sikit. Suddenly, ada gigi depan pula.Ryn can start smiling already.HAHAH :p Anyway, this is so not the issue. We don't really talk. No , we don't. Suddenly, one hot sunny day, he started talking. Short convo. A normal one. A short normal one. The end. (:

to be continued .

We started talking on facebook. LOLOLOLOLOL. Became close. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO. Ryn suppose to be Mandark and I'm DeeDee. And we changed it to Medusa and Mojo jojo. Its fun talking to the penghulu. He's not as bored as I thought. Interesting person. There's alot more to say about this guy. But, I'm speechless.

p/s; Girls , we are just friends. Jangan kata I gatal gatal dengan penghulu.You jelly?

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