Saturday, 25 June 2011

I just love these boys.

You know how we feel when we’re in love? Inside, we lose control. We get nervous at the very thought of you. We don’t plan our day around Madden or our boys anymore, we plan it around how far it’s going to take to get to your favorite eatery to the movie theater. We wake up seeing if you texted us yet and if you didn’t we’re racing to say good morning to you. Our stomachs are unsettled, but in a good way. We want to impress you. We want you to be proud of us. We want you to send us indirect Twitter messages, hit us on BBM and say “Check your timeline” to see if we can pick out the message you wrote to us. We worry if we’re good enough. Are you satisfied. What do you need? We want to constantly make you happy. We feel the urge to make you lose the “Want” factor in your brain because we’ve given you everything there will ever be to give you. We’re not just thinking relationship, we’re thinking legacy. That’s what it’s like when boys are in love. Well, I know that’s how I am.

True. We can love better than how you girls out there can love us. When we’re in a serious relationship and somehow broke up with that certain girl, its hard to move on. And its harder to see when that girl is now in the arms of another guy. It fucking hurts. And then there are assholes who would come and say, “You’re so girly, just get a hook and have sex.” No no no a million times no assholes. I love a girl, i need one, not because i want to have sex with them. Everyone have lust inside them, but its boring. Where’s the emotions? Dammit. So many jerks all around, and there’s me, people like me who other people won’t even know anything about our existence.


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