Thursday, 14 July 2011

Arguments and Fights.

It happens to all of us in a relationship at one point in time. But you must remember when you are in the argument why did you two even begin this rampage in the first place? Why must we fight once more? In healthy relationship there will be arguments and there will be times you just want to leave. But you have to remember what made you want to be with this person. Why risk your relationship over an argument? People tend to always say that we broke up because we started to fight and etc. Well you can’t always expect for things to be happy and perfect. Things happen to people, and things get to them and there emotions, so it’s best to not continue the argument because it just makes everything worse. You have to think what is the point of a argument or fight? The best thing to do when you’re in argument or fight is to just relax, don’t talk back and don’t try to be right. Even though he/she maybe wrong just go with it because in the end you’d regret trying to prove them wrong. It’s best to say sorry to whatever that had happen and try to talk it over. This is where you learn that even when you are both not perfect and you both get your days, but in the end that day you still love each other and you both still have smile on each others face. Arguments and Fights can be forgotten and forgiven but losing someone is something you regret. So Just stay calm, be happy that you have someone to be with. Don’t yell and scream instead ease your voice and get comfortable. Show them that you love them even though when you two go through downs but remember what comes down always comes up. Don’t risk your relationship.

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